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Tuina [Acupressure massage] with Christine Kim

Chinese massage developed alongside both qu-gong [therapeutic exercise] and acupuncture, as it depends on the same philosophical belief system and theories that underlie TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine] such as the channels and the flow of qi. Techniques are used to stimulate the channels and acupoints or other parts of the body surface to correct physiological imbalance in the body and achieve therapeutic effects. Tuina as a preventive healthcare protects health and builds up the body to prevent disease.


Appointments available on alternate Mondays and Wednesdays

Initial consultation and treatment: 1.25 hours £75.00 or 1.50 hours £90.00

Follow-up: 40 minutes £40.00 or 50 minutes £50.00

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The Bury Natural Health Centre: 01284 760020 or

direct to Christine Kim: 07909 914 754


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