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Marie-Agnès Casaline

Marie-Agnes_PicAs long as I can remember I have been looking for something which could create an amazing change to people’s lives, not only add to existing therapies, but something which would be very vital to people’s health. I learnt about AtlasPROfilax® when a friend in Germany had amazing results using this approach so I thought I’d try it myself. I benefitted so much that I attended the first training course in the UK in May 2007 and successfully qualified as an ‘Atlas Prof’, certified by the Atlas Academy® in Switzerland. I became one of the first practitioners in the UK trained to apply the AtlasPROfilax® adjustment method.

What is AtlasPROfilax®?

R.C. Schümperli developed a unique method to safely and permanently correct a misaligned Atlas with just one application. The AtlasPROfilax® application consists of a safe, strategic, non-chiropractic massage to the short musculature of the neck, to loosen the tension and allow the Atlas to return to its natural position.

The Atlas is the first cervical vertebrea [C1], it is the main one as it gives balance, control and suspension of the spine. In most of us the Atlas is out of alignment from birth and even before birth, as even babies born by caesarean generally have their Atlas out of place. If the C1 is not in place the spine is not straight, the pelvis is not level and one leg can be shorter than the other. It is therefore very important to reposition the Atlas into its proper place.

This analogy will help you to understand the process:

‘The Atlas is like the first link on a chain. If the first link is twisted the rest of the chain will be twisted. If you untwist that first link the chain will straighten up’.

How it works

I use a vibrating tool that massages the muscles around the Atlas. When the muscles are loose, the Atlas can slide down gently into place by itself, I just guide it. There is no cracking of the neck or anything that might be traumatic. It is safe and gentle.

A self-healing process will start once the Atlas correction has been performed as many pathways running through the neck will be realigned, such as: blood circulation, nerves, optical nerves, lymphatic system and the body’s life force [kundalini].

When the Atlas is in place, in some cases, no further work will be needed and the spine will gently start shifting and realigning. If further treatments are needed to support the body when realigning, Osteopaths will work more effectively when the Atlas is in place as the spine will be more stable.

We have observed great results in case of any problems with the neck, spine or joints, also dizziness, headaches, TMJ, migraines, vertigo, balance, whiplash, trapped nerves, scoliosis, sciatica, etc.,


£225.00 for the treatment which includes a free follow-up

First appointment: includes simple body alignment tests

Follow up: includes muscular release massage if required

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