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Chirokinetic Therapy with Jo Garrett

johanne_garrettI have been practicing CKT since 2009 and believe I have found my passion in life.  I found CKT when I was ill myself.  I had a few treatments and was so amazed at the results that I trained to become a CKT practitioner and have been practising ever since.

I started volunteer work at the Hummingbird’s Cancer Support Centre in Bishop’s Stortford and have since built up a client base.

About Chirokinetic Therapy [CKT]

Since its development in 1997 by David Stevens, CKT has been shown to be an outstanding treatment for many of today’s ills and has been found helpful in a variety of conditions. It aims to balance the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs allowing harmony to be restored.

By harmonizing the body’s energy centres, CKT can remove the blocks that prevent us from overcoming many of life’s obstacles.  Physical symptoms such as back and joint pain, headaches and migraines respond well.  Immune imbalances, allergies, eczema, asthma, rhinitis and a host of other diseases can be markedly improved following a treatment.  Hormonal imbalances found during a treatment are of particular importance as are neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, which are often implicated in depressive states, phobias and anxiety.  By supporting the body’s natural ability to heal, CKT can often enhance the benefit of other therapies.

Practitioner’s Aims

I aim to provide a relaxed and informal atmosphere, focusing on positive health.  During a session the patient will be fully clothed and lying down which is when the testing and treatment are conducted.  In all cases it is the underlying imbalances, or prime cause, which CKT aims to identify and correct.

The Treatment

CKT treatment is very straightforward; simple muscle testing is employed as a way of communicating with the body to establish areas of imbalance.  This communication is at a cellular level; cellular memory and intelligence are of particular importance.  The body gives feedback to the practitioner by relaxing a muscle group, allowing cellular memory to be investigated.

During the testing procedure, cellular intelligence becomes more active and acute directing the practitioner to a specific cranial point.  These cranial points work in a unique way, using the nervous system to re-direct healing energy to areas of the body which have become depleted.

Once the point has been activated using a gentle technique, the treatment will begin to take effect.  In certain cases there can be immediate effect, structural imbalances causing back, neck or joint pain may be improved within as little as a few minutes following treatment.


Today I woke pain free and feeling much happier after my CKT treatment.  Thank you.


I have for a month now had no hay fever symptoms and looking forward to many more I’m sure.  Thank you for the CKT treatment.


My daughter seems much calmer and happier after CKT and hopefully ready for all her exams.


Last night was the first time in a decade that I actually slept all night.  Thank your for the CKT treatment.



Treatment will take approximately 90 minutes, which includes the consultation, treatment and review at the end of the treatment.

Adults:  £55.00

Children & Students:  £45.00

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