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Welcome to the Foot Health Clinic with Hilary Colson, MCFHP, MAFHP, FHT

I have spent 25 years within the NHS sector, extending my skills and knowledge duringadvert-photo those years to research and qualify in maintaining our ‘well-being’. Having qualified at the SMAE Foot Health Institute Berkshire, I am a registered member of The British Association of Foot Health Professionals and offer full foot health care, advice and treatment to aid mobility, relieve pain and treat infections.

As a Foot Health Practitioner I focus on the care of the human foot which is one of the most complex and neglected parts of the body. Every step we take places 2.5 times our body weight on the 26 bones that make up each foot (it has been estimated we walk 3 times around the planet in a lifetime).

About your Foot

Your foot is highly sensitive, and like anything mechanical its parts suffer wear or damage when injured or stressed beyond its capability which can cause foot disorders, interference to circulatory and nervous system flow. This interference will disrupt the way the body, organs, muscles, and other parts of the body function. It is The Foot Health Practitioners’ job to treat the feet and related structures removing the interference and aid the body to return to its normal functioning state. The professional care of the feet was in existence in ancient Egypt as evidenced by carvings at the entrance to Ankhmahor’s tomb dating from 2400 BC where work on hands and feet were depicted. Reflexology was founded, previously known as zone therapy.

Aims and Objectives:

The clinic will provide quality Foot Health services to people of all ages and utilise new equipment and techniques, able to care for the individual needs of every patient that enters the clinic.

1. To offer a competitive service

2. Outstanding in professionalism and customer service


* Cut nails and file (finger nails if required)

* Treatment of Calluses, Corns, Verrucas, Ingrown nails

* Treatment and advice relating to nail and skin conditions

* Specialising in Diabetic and high risk clients

* Complementary foot cream and massage


First appointment approximately 1 hour: £30

Follow-up appointment: £28

Toes and finger nails: £35

As an Holistic Therapist, I incorporate elements of techniques I have learned when travelling and working overseas, extensively researching the benefits of Natural Health.

Available: Gift Tokens, Mothers Day Celebrations; Special Treats; Pre-Wedding Pampered Feet parties; Ear Candling; Indian Head & Facial massage. Please discuss further – costs range from £25-£30.

Contact Details:

The Bury Natural Health Centre: 01284 760020 or

direct to Hilary Colson on: 07884 260913 – eve: 01284 733967