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Maternity Reflexology with Helen Kerridge BA[Hons] Midwifery, Full member of The Association of Reflexologists [MAR]

I have worked in the NHS for 26 years, 14 years as a qualified Midwife and prior to that as a qualified Nurse. I have a genuine understanding about the effects of stress on an individual’s physical and psychological health.  The supportive role that holistic therapies such as Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology can play in reducing stress and improving overall health and wellbeing is positive. I have a keen interest in research related to Complementary Therapies and am constantly learning and updating my skills.


I offer a professional, caring  and supportive service, focussed on treating each person as a unique individual.

I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, the Hypnobirthing Association and the Complementary Therapists Association and am fully insured. I live in West Suffolk and work in Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket and the surrounding areas.


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Maternity Reflexology

During the first appointment I will complete a brief medical consultation with you in order to assess any health or lifestyle issues that you may have and to establish what you would like to gain from the Reflexology treatment. All information that you give to me is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Having worked for many years as a qualified Midwife and Nurse, I have a genuine understanding about the harmful effects of chronic stress on an individual’s mental and physical health and wellbeing and know the unique value that relaxing, holistic therapies can have in helping to reduce stress. When stress is reduced, the body often starts the process of healing by itself. For many years I have taken a keen interest in research related to holistic therapies (including Reflexology) which I would be very happy to discuss with you if you have any questions.

As part of my continuous professional development, I have completed additional post registration specialist training, to become a qualified Maternity Reflexologist, which involves working with women trying to conceive and also with women during their journey through pregnancy, labour and birth. Maternity Reflexology brings together my extensive experience and knowledge as a qualified Midwife and the amazing benefits many women experience by having regular Reflexology treatments during pregnancy. Maternity Reflexology provides women with positive and nurturing support during conception, pregnancy and recovery after childbirth. Reflexology helps to promote general wellbeing and relaxation during pregnancy and many of my clients report that they experience a marked improvement in the quality of their sleep and in reduced anxiety. Reflexology can also be of great benefit in the preparation for labour and birth, promoting a sense of relaxation, providing the opportunity to unwind and focus on yourself and your growing baby. I always complete a full consultation before the first treatment to ensure that Maternity Reflexology is safe and appropriate for you. In addition, I will also act as a resource for valuable pregnancy related information as a normal part of your individual treatment plan.

I am a full member of The Association of Reflexologists (MAR) and the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and work as a qualified professional within their guidelines and standards.


One hour session:  35.00

Please give 24 hours notice if you have to cancel an appointment.


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