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Meditation & Mindfulness with Jane Doe

My personal journey with meditation began 20 years ago.  Through using a variety of techniques including Meditation to change core beliefs.  Meditation helps to balance the subtle anatomy [chakras etc] and to align with the soul. I have proven the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to myself.  I have effectively managed episodes of depression and anxiety and now enjoy a life of fulfilment.

I am qualified to practice a number of holistic therapies, to teach meditation and to train others to teach meditation.

I have been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness to adults and young people for over 15 years and endeavour to bring a light-hearted approach to daily living; life can be a more joyful and fulfilling experience when we take the time to learn how to be still, listen and trust in our real self, centred deep within the heart.

By practicing simple meditation and mindfulness techniques for a few minutes each day we can improve our health and well being, deepen our understanding of who we are and improve relationships with others.  Meditation also connects us to our inner wisdom, awakening us to a life of greater love, trust and fulfillment.

What is Meditation?

Meditation begins with the practice of being concentrated, calm, alert and relaxed.  When you achieve this state, a sense of serenity can develop.  It is from this place of serenity that you begin to heal and re-balance.  Later, you can introduce additional meditation techniques for example: creative visualisation, observing your little-self, opening to intuition and deeper spiritual awareness.  Gradually you become more relaxed and able to trust in the process of life itself as you are guided by your higher-self to a place of fulfillment and well being.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being calm, alert and fully present in the moment.  We claim the moment we have.  This has a knock on effect on the next moment and eventually leads to a sense of joyful serenity.  Different techniques can be utilised to develop a fulfilling mindfulness practice and it can become a way of life; a way of harmony and detachment from the turmoil generated by our overactive minds and emotions.  Mindful meditation has significant proven scientific benefits for health and well being including overcoming: depression and anxiety, pain relief, stress relief and better sleep.  In addition it enhances well being and creates a more profound life experience – moment by moment by moment.

Do I need Meditation and Mindfulness?

Meditation and mindfulness will initially bring qualities such as a sense of calm and self acceptance to you life.  If practiced regularly, over a long period, you will experience a deep connection to your self and a real sense of being grounded and deep trust in the process of life.  Meditation and mindfulness can help in the following areas:

Releasing Depression, Anxiety and Stress Aiding Sleep
Managing pain Managing emotional trauma
Improving Confidence and Self esteem Healing relationships
Managing stress at work Relaxation
Managing unwanted feeling and reactions A deeper or spiritual relationship with self

How I work

Group work is effective and supportive for learning meditation and mindfulness.  The group supports each member and helps us to hold our mind more steady in meditation.

Mindful walking groups introduce the healing power of nature to the meditation sessions.

One to One coaching sessions can reveal and release hidden issues through guided meditation and visualisation.  It can also be used to develop personal meditation practice.

All sessions are held in a supportive and safe environment to allow relaxation and stillness.  It is your choice as to whether you sit or lie down in sessions.  Meditation techniques include:

Mindfulness Sound meditation
Voice meditation Moving meditation
Guided visualisation Open eye meditation
Mindful nature walks Creative meditation

Cost and Services

One to One Meditation Therapy Session £40.00

Introduction to Meditation, 6 week course £55.00

Introduction to Mindfulness, 8 week course £75.00

Introduction to Meditation, 1 day course £60.00

Learn to teach Meditation £300.00

Mindful nature walks £10.00

Meditation one day workshop £60.00, includes

Meditation for health and well being

Meditation to deepen spiritual awareness

Meditation for abundance and fulfillment

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