Bone Check

Osteoporosis is a condition which weakens bones making them fragile and more likely to break. There are usually no warnings you have developed osteoporosis and it is often diagnosed only when a bone is fractured after even a minor fall.  Early diagnosis via a bone check test can help prevent fractures and bone loss.

Those who suffer with any of the following may be at risk: immobility, eating disorders, receiving chemotherapy treatment, loss of weight / height, Crohn’s disease, Coeliac diary intolerance, steroid takers, aged over 50, smoker / ex-smoker.

Treatment process

We use Quantative Ultrasound  (QUS) to show bone density at the heel which is a good indicator of general bone density in the body.

The National Osteoporosis Society says that ‘QUS has been demonstrated to show predictive value for any fracture in women in their peri-menopausal years and of Colles fracture in women in their early post-menopausal years’.

You will be provided with a full report of your results showing your T-score and Z-score together with any recommendations appropriate for you. If necessary, we will refer you to your GP for a full body DXA scan if your results indicate low scores.

We can also help with advice on lifestyle, diet and supplementation to help increase your bone density.

Bone check

Treatment prices

Consultation (45 mins)

Appointments available on Thursdays. Please contact our reception team on 01284 760020 to book your appointment.