Charlotte Carter

Charlotte is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. She offers one to one appointments to help adults with a range of issues such as managing anxiety, fears and phobias, addictions, weight management, stress, work related issues, managing social media, relationships and much much more. She uses both hypnotherapy and NLP techniques in a life coaching setting to really understand and explore what is happening for the client on both a conscious and subconscious level.  Her approach is both calm and relaxed which really helps to put the clients at ease and allows them to open up about their current situation.  Her passion and enthusiasm for her work is contagious.

Charlotte started working within the area of Health and Wellbeing over 20 years ago and over the last six or seven years has brought all aspects of her knowledge and experience together. She has extensive experience working within the mental health field and brings all this knowledge to her practice. She is also a Mum to two teenagers so is aware of how juggling work and family life can be challenging at times. She loves to encourage other to be themselves no matter what that may be!

Charlotte is fully insured, accredited and DBS checked so you can be assured you are in safe hands

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I use a mixture of Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques in a Life Coaching setting to address all issues in both a conscious and sub conscious way

  • Initial consultation 30 minutes – no fee
  • Package of 4 sessions – £295 (Payment plan available)
  • Package of 8 sessions – £520 (Payment plan available)
  • Breakthrough session – £250
    This is usually a 3.5 hour session. It’s uses a mixture of life coaching, nlp tools and techniques and hypnotherapy in a single intensive session. It is usually used for fears and phobias and giving up smoking.
  • Talk and Walk Package (6 sessions) £395 (Payment plan available)
    This is a unique 6 week package that enables clients to access all areas of my business. It is structured whereby week 1 and 6 are talk and walk sessions held outside using life coaching techniques. Sessions 2- 5 will be tailored to suit the individual but will be a mix of tools and techniques used to access the conscious and sub conscious mind. This is a great bundle of strategies which can really benefit clients and great value for money.
  • Single session of 75 minutes – £95