Flower Essences

Flower essences are natural remedies that support us to bring harmony and balance to our mind, body, spirit and soul. We all possess within us an innate wisdom and vitality, yet we are so often clouded, blocked or removed from our potential of inner peace, joy and love.  There are many things that may hold us back from blossoming.  Regardless of how simple or how ambitious our ideas of success are, we repeatedly come up against barriers between our outer life and our inner longing. These barriers could be presented as any of the following or more:

  • Feelings of insecurity/fear
  • Low self esteem or self worth
  • Feelings of guilt or shame
  • Being caught in cycles of thought
  • Repeating destructive patterns of behaviour
  • Unable to communicate or express our truth
  • Unclear on what our truth or purpose is
  • Feelings of overwhelm/uncertainty
  • Feeling highly sensitive to the feelings and energy of others
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Unexpressed grief

Working with flower essences, doesn’t ‘fix’ or eliminate these problems, rather they awaken the potential within us to see things with greater clarity, to help us recalibrate and release these barriers, guiding us back to our true self.

Flower essences are safe and natural remedies that are wonderful for children and animals, can be used alongside other medication and can be taken during pregnancy.

Treatment Process

During the first consultation you will be taken through a questionnaire so that the practitioner gains a good overview of your lifestyle, health and the challenges you face. There will then be time to share more. A good essence practitioner will hold a gentle and compassionate space for you to unfold and unravel, to be witnessed and heard so that your true essence can be met.  Following the consultation, the practitioner will determine an essence combination, which may be supplied at the time, or made up afterwards to be collected or posted out.

One essence combination will usually last around 4-6 weeks.  Sometimes, one combination is enough to shift things, however often at least 3 session are beneficial. Just like the petals of a flower, there are usually layers to unfold before blossoming can occur and as one layer unfolds another reveals itself.

All consultations last one hour.

Treatment prices

Individual consultations £45 per session plus flower essences, usually around £10

The Art of Blossoming – a 10 month journey through the stages of personal blossoming, accompanied by guided meditations and flower essences – £450

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