The Hypnobirthing course is a complete antenatal preparation birth course that teaches you deep relaxation and self hypnosis techniques, to enable the birth of your baby to be more comfortable, calm and relaxed. Hypnobirthing techniques enable you to allow your mind and body to work together to replace fear with confidence. No one can guarantee you a completely pain free labour and birth or that you will have a natural birth, but many women use Hypnobirthing and experience peaceful, relaxed, empowering births with the use of little or no pain relief.

Hypnobirthing course information

Within the course you will learn simple, easy to use self hypnosis techniques that can be used during labour and birth; how you can effectively and mindfully work with your breathing during labour in order to stay calm and relaxed and how to be fully involved in preparing for your birth. The physiological process of labour and birth will also be discussed.

Other elements of the labour will be discussed as follows:

  • The natural cascade of hormones your body produces during normal labour and birth to help you
  • How you can actively create a birth environment that encourages a calm, comfortable and positive birth
  • The role of an effective birth partner
  • Strategies to help birth partners cope
  • Simple massage techniques that can really help during labour.

You will also be provided with unbiased information and resources, so that you are aware of your options and choices during labour and birth, which will mean that you have accurate, balanced information in order to make informed choices about your care at this special time.

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When you should complete a Hypnobirthing course

Hypnobirthing courses can take place at any time during your pregnancy, but ideally soon after the 20 week scan, so that you have plenty of time to practice the techniques.

The Hypnobirthing course takes place over 3 weekly sessions of 3 hours each, either at the Bury Natural Health Centre or in the comfort of your own home.

As part of the Hypnobirthing course you will be given the course CDs or MP3s, the Hypnobirthing book and a wealth of information. There will also be ongoing support through email or telephone if you require it once the course has finished, until your baby arrives.

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Hypnobirthing course

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