Jane Dow

Jane Dow has been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness to adults and young people for over 15 years.  She has achieved qualifications from a broad range of organisations including Breathworks (Mindfulness), Possibilities School (USA) and Crystal Dimensions Energy School and now teaches her own meditation teachers qualification course. Jane also participates in World Goodwill meditations and volunteers as a meditation student mentor with the Lucis Trust.

Jane’s aspirations are to help people to re-connect with their inner peace, to find some relief from the frantic world in which we all live. When we learn how to be with our inner stillness we can meet with our higher-self or conscience, which can guide us from within towards a more fulfilling and joyful life.  This is an inevitable consequence of meditation and mindfulness.

This new and fulfilling life can evolve in unexpected ways as we release old, familiar habits and embrace new ones. It is a life-long journey and is one that ultimately serves everyone around us – people will ask how you look so happy, young, calm and serene. The rewards are countless – the more we release, the more we gain in other ways, we discover joy and are nourished by the process of Life itself.

Jane’s personal journey with meditation began 20 years ago. Through using a variety of techniques which included:

  • Mindfulness,
  • Meditation to change core beliefs,
  • Meditation to balance the subtle anatomy (chakras etc.)
  • Meditation to align with soul (Raja and Agni Yoga)

Jane has seen the benefits of meditation and mindfulness firsthand through her own experience, and as a consequence no longer suffers with depression and anxiety and knows what it feels like to live with joy and fulfilment. This is a very rewarding journey which brings about deep self knowledge, self acceptance and love for humanity.

Jane Dow

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