Karen Bromley

Karen Bromley trained as a Hypnotherapist after she had Hypnotherapy sessions herself. She stopped living in fear and took responsibility for her health and life. Karen made positive changes with that support and she moved on from 11 years of struggling with M.E /Fibromyalgia.

After spending years and thousands of pounds trying to find a ‘cure; to be fixed by someone, Karen knew this had to change. She had continued doing what she was doing and kept getting the same things happening in her life over and over again! She was too frightened to change and let go; and was full of unexpressed emotions which were really holding her back. 

Karen is also an Inner Child Therapist and Wellness Coach. She is very passionate about helping others to make positive changes and to move forward in their lives.
Karen Bromley

Relevant qualifications:

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills
  • Diploma in Parks Inner Child Therapy
  • Diploma in Social Work
  • Fertility2Birth Practitioner (Fertility and Hypnobirthing)
  • Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach

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