Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy helps us to explore our present life and make changes that are deep and long lasting. Therapy provides a structured space where you can explore difficult and often painful emotions and experiences. You can work through these emotions and experiences, exploring your feelings, thoughts and behaviour and relevant aspects of your personal history in order to gain understanding and resolution.


What can therapy help with?

Therapy can help with any of the following issues:

  • anger / anxiety
  • bereavement
  • lack of confidence
  • depression
  • relationship difficulties
  • feeling ‘out of sorts’ / low self esteem
  • childhood issues
  • lack of meaning or purpose
  • life changes / events
  • phobias
  • stress

Treatment process

The sessions provide an opportunity to identify recurring patterns of behaviour in your life with the potential to do things differently. One of the aims of therapy is to expand our awareness. This heightened understanding enables us to move beyond our usual patterns and make choices that work for us.

We can explore in a safe environment what makes your life fulfilling and meaningful as well as what you would like to change and how you move forward.

Treatment prices

50 minute session

Please contact our reception team on 01284 760020 to book your appointment.