Thermal Imaging

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a non-invasive, safe technique for detecting and monitoring many injuries, conditions and breast health.

Based on the principle of heat-seeking technology, DITI or Thermography, is a safe and effective additional diagnostic tool for checking breast health, detecting inflammatory conditions, visualising pain or monitoring a treatment progress for injuries.

It detects abnormal changes, pain and pathology in the body which may lead to a more serious disease, before any symptoms are noticed. While X-rays, C.T. Scans, Ultrasound and M.R.I. are tests of anatomy, Thermography is unique in its capability to show the function of living cells.

What can Thermal Imaging treat?

DITI can be used by people who wish to take more control of their health, diagnostic solutions for undiagnosed pain, sports injuries, dental issues, early signs of potential stroke or women looking for a safe, healthy additional method for monitoring breast health.

Also, those who wish to be proactive in identifying underlying problems giving them more time to choose a treatment option or make lifestyle changes to address the issue.

Breast Health:

DITI can be used to track your own unique thermal pattern over time and alert you to any changes taking place. These ‘changes’ could be for example, precancerous cells, inflammatory breast disease, fibrocystic breast tissue, hormonal conditions, oestrogen dominance etc.

– Thermography will pick up abnormal cells up to 6 years before anything would be seen on a Mammogram.
– Women under the age of 50 would not normally be able to see changes in breast health through a Mammogram.
– Thermography is recommended for women with breast implants, to monitor their health.
– Thermograms may indicate abnormal activity many years before the condition can be seen by an anatomical test.

Infrared Thermal Imaging
Breast pathology

How does Thermal Imaging work?

A specialist heat-seeking camera registers the heat given off by the skin’s surface, it can then map the body’s temperature and display it in colour on a computer screen.

The images are sent to be analysed by a panel of Board Registered Medical Doctor Thermologists, some of whom are; MD’s, Radiologists and Oncologists. The results are normally available within 48 hours.


Initial breast screening (including 90 day follow up) - 30 mins
Annual follow up - 30 mins
Interim breast screening - 30 mins
Occasionally required if the interpretation is in-conclusive.
Half body & breast (including 90 day breast follow up - 1 hour
Full body & breast (including 90 day breast follow up - 1 hour 30 mins
One ROI (region of interest). e.g. shoulder - 30 mins

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