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We asked our resident Meditation & Mindfulness therapist to share some words with us on what it all means, and to provide us with some guidance on how we can all take five minutes out of our day to be calm.
“Our lives are governed by the Law of Cycles – night follows day, spring follows winter, and of primary importance in focussed meditation is the cyclic flow of the breath. When we allow ourselves to slow down and become curious, really curious about the breath we become aware of the point of stillness between each breath – try it now – breathe in and then notice the tiny pause before the natural out-breath, and then another subtle pause before the body draws in its next life breath. These tiny pauses are moments of all potentiality – in this moment of pure stillness transformation can occur.
‘As above, so below’ – we intuitively know the spirit and magic available at the solstice and celebrate these bi-annual festivals with joy and gratitude to the planet and the sun (the sacred Mother and Father), and by being open to receive the gifts of the forthcoming months. The same is true of the breath meditation – we celebrate each life giving moment in the joy of just being with the breath. Being with the breath is so simple and yet profound in its results. We find a deep peace in being completely self reliant and find also a deeper connection to our spirit and consequently to others through the joy of Life itself.”
Nikki Geatches is available at the Bury Natural Health Centre for classes and 1-1 Meditation or Meditation Therapy sessions. Please contact our reception team if you would like any further information, on 01284 760020

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