Thermography – an alternative to the mammogram.

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Gail Porter uses Thermography

According to the Daily Mail, TV personality Gail Porter recently turned to Thermography as opposed to the NHS offered mammogram after she found some lumps on her breasts. The NHS currently offers Mammograms to women over the age of 50; however Gail was 47 – and therefore she hadn’t received her screening yet.

Gail was concerned by the radiation exposure from the mammogram, and the impact this can have on the body; and after some further research decided it was a risk she would rather avoid, and instead found an alternative – Thermography. 

Using an infrared camera to detect changes in temperature within the body or breast; Thermography (or Thermal Imaging) produces a heat map image. Tumours demand a higher blood flow and show up on the heat map as ‘hot spots’. It has been suggested that Thermal Imaging can detect heat changes, or ‘hot spots’ up to ten years before a mammogram would detect a tumour. 

Thermography is completely pain free; and can be repeated as regularly as required, due to the fact radiations are not used. Many women will have annual breast screenings to ensure no changes take place. A patient who does have ‘hot spots’ appear on their heat map would need to consult their GP with the results.

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